Transforming CTV Advertising With The Paramount Interactive Product Suite

Transforming CTV Advertising With The Paramount Interactive Product Suite

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Dive into a world where viewers don’t just watch, but engage.

Welcome to Paramount Interactive, your gateway to the future of interactive ad experiences on the biggest screen in the house. 


Pre-Roll with benefits. 

Spotlight your existing video content like never before. 

Invite viewers to engage directly using their remote, unveiling a full-screen video gallery 

An overlay with a CTA appears around a standard TVC encouraging viewers to engage via their remote control. AdSelector then expands to fullscreen offering the viewer content options and ad experiences to select and play. 

Canvas Gallery  

Efficiently highlight multiple products at once in a premium, interactive environment. 

Showcase your diverse product range in an interactive, premium space. 

Perfect for multi-touchpoint campaigns or introducing a broad array of offerings. Ideal for retail events like Christmas, Black Friday, or new product rollouts. 

A standard ad will scale down to accommodate a branded skin that viewers can interact with using their remote, with the capability to scroll through up to five panels of messaging in one break. 

Interactive Overlay  

A complementary, interactive overlay that bolsters existing brand creative. 

Add a dynamic layer to your standard brand TVC. 

Seamlessly infuse promotional messages, codewords, or limited-time offers into existing ads. 

An interactive, lower-frame overlay will appear over a standard brand ad as it continues to play. Viewers can engage with the overlay using their remote. 


Strengthen and deepen a brands exposure and time earned.  

Engage viewers in a brand universe like never before. 

Multiple content pieces from videos to images, combine to enrich the value of a standard TVC. An overlay with CTA appears around a standard ad. Viewers can engage using their remote to deploy a full-screen video gallery carousel, with three to five videos or images. Once viewers close the expanded ad, the standard video resumes.  

Ready to elevate and enhance your advertising strategy?

Capture attention, engage and immerse your audience. Only with Paramount Interactive. 

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