Science of Sponsorship

Science of Sponsorship

We know sponsorships work

More than six years ago we started a research study called the Science of Sponsorship with the Marketing Scientist Group and have analysed over 50 series of well-known TV programs and 250 brands, in studies involving more than 55,000 Australians.

Our latest study surveyed 2,200 Australians, exploring attention to creative assets, the impact on mental availability and the mindset of viewers.

This is our final instalment because we have proven sponsorships drive attention, engagement and action and now have the formula.

Success has a formula

Brand time on screen as part of a sponsorship is powerful, and it’s important to make every second of attention count and use the layer effect with more assets delivering more time on screen which creates more impact, attention, memory and recall.

A fully integrated sponsorship, including billboards, a bespoke TVC and in-program integration lifts unprompted recall 167% more than a standard TVC alone.

Quality attention matters

We know that fans of programs pay more attention to the show itself and the ad breaks, versus non-fans and that purchase intent amongst fans is 14% higher than non-fans.

Our latest study delved even deeper and looked at the attention to different creative elements within sponsorship assets like billboards, bespoke TVCs and integrations.

We have seen a priming effect when an in-show integration is followed by a TVC with viewers paying 9% more attention to that commercial.

Mirroring messaging within the creative of a TVC, billboard and integration can lift a brand’s association with a key campaign message by up to 20%.

The sum of its parts

 A sponsorship is the sum of its parts, multiple moments and assets linked together to drive brand outcomes, all supercharged when embedded into loved shows with loved talent.

Quality programs increase positive emotions and drive attention. When we leverage these environments, underpinned by ideas built with strategic rigour, insight, and a distinct creative approach, we can uniquely capture quality attention that ultimately drives action for brands.

Want to know more?

Talk to your Paramount ANZ representative to book a Science of Sponsorship presentation before the full results are publishing in the coming weeks.

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