Reflecting Me: Global Representation On-Screen Part 2

Reflecting Me: Global Representation On-Screen Part 2

Building on our previous Reflecting Me: Global Representation On Screen research in 2021, and in support of Paramount’s global commitment to Content for Change, we set out to discern how things have changed since then and deepen our understanding of Australians’ perceptions of diversity on-screen.

This involved a global sample of over 15,000 people, including 1,000 in Australia, and interviews with a variety of experts in culture, media and representation.

Key Findings:

– In 2021, our research revealed that Australians highly valued authentic and diverse on-screen representations, with a prevailing sense of optimism for the future of representation.
– The latest study indicates that Australians acknowledge an improvement in the quantity of representation of marginalised groups. However, there is a noticeable emergence of differing opinions regarding the appropriate level of representation for certain groups.
– Despite progress, the persistence of stereotypes and inaccuracies in portrayals remains a challenge, particularly affecting some ethnic groups and LGBTQIA+ Australians.
– Australians perceive television shows and movies as pivotal platforms for showcasing individual and collective experiences, fostering empowerment and promoting societal education. There is a widespread belief that companies should commit to greater on-screen representation.
– It is heartening to see that Australians remain optimistic about the future of inclusion and representation. 43 per cent believe representation on screen will improve, compared to 15 per cent who foresee a decline.

Television holds substantial influence in Australian society, wielding unparalleled power to cultivate awareness, foster recognition, and shape behaviour. However, the content presented on screen in ad-supported environments constitutes just one facet of viewers’ experiences. Media and creative agencies also wield significant influence.

As we aspire toward a more diverse on-screen landscape, the advertising industry assumes a pivotal role in its selection of media partners. Collaborating with media companies committed to intentionally amplifying diverse voices and investing in inclusive narratives, rather than relying solely on unregulated algorithms, is now more imperative than ever.


This presentation was recorded on the land of the The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation.

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