Have You Met Tori?

What a delightful get-to-know-you chat we had with Network Producer, Tori Green. After doing a very impressive nine year stint at Paramount, Tori left to work on other projects in 2022 and has recently returned as Network Producer.

What is your role and what does it entail?
I’m a Network Producer on the Executive Production team working with the Head of Entertainment and Creative Production, Tamara.

I oversee Deal or No Deal, Bondi Rescue, and the AACTAs and am joining the team working on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Gogglebox and other programs across the Network.

What do you love most about what you do?
I’ve had the absolute joy of being able to travel extensively with my job. There’s something incredibly special about being able to create epic television in some of the most beautiful places in the world. But ultimately, I love to tell stories. That’s what drives intrigue most, what gets us to switch on and tune in. Figuring out how to tell the best story possible, finding interesting characters and putting people in situations that challenge them in ways they haven’t been challenged before. That’s a real joy. We get a rare insight into a side of someone that we wouldn’t normally be privileged to see, whether it be good or not so good.

What does a normal day on the set of Deal or No Deal entail in your role?
An audience of over 100 people bring serious energy to the Deal or No Deal set. No hard feat if you consider how much cash is on hand to giveaway, but it’s a big shoot day with 5 episodes filmed in a day. A long time to keep the vibes high. I’m on set working with the EP from Endemol Shine in the control room as we move through the lucky contestants trying their turn at 100k, making sure we get their story out and why they want to win the cash. There are a lot of talented people who make the show come together, it’s a huge collaboration. And watching Grant Denyer do his thing is brilliant!

What has been your career journey so far? Have you always wanted to be a producer?
I actually studied architecture when I first left school but after a year of insanely late nights gluing myself to foam core and drawing up house plans, I decided to focus my creative energy elsewhere. I worked part time at Psychic TV (I know, hilarious) during Uni and loved the TV life, so I ditched the glue and drafting table and went into journalism & media production.

I was previously Co-Executive Producer of Network 10’s morning show, Studio 10, before departing in 2022 after nine years. In the time before I returned to Paramount, I freelanced in the reality world working on shows like Australian Survivor, The Summit, Travel Guides, Rush and Food Stars. As well as international documentaries and live broadcasts.

In a creative role like yours, where do you draw inspiration from?
It’s not just one thing – inspiration can come from endless Instagram scrolls that spark ideas, conversations with friends and family or building on ideas collaboratively with colleagues in the industry. I tend to have a million thoughts that rush through my head as I sleep, I like to keep a notepad handy to jot them down through the night. They may not always make sense in the morning, but some have been useful!

What are your top three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?
Vice, Betoota Advocate, and of course, Deal or No Deal. Plus, I love a good food inspo insta. I never make any of the recipes, but they’re saved for that one day I feel like getting my kitchen creativity flowing.