We’re Unleashing The Power Of Content.

We’re Unleashing The Power Of Content.

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At Paramount Australia, we are committed to unleashing the power of content by connecting everyone, everywhere.

We reach 16.2 million Australians every month across 10, 10, Nickelodeon 10 Play and Paramount+.

We’ve got everyone’s attention and we’re doing more with it.

Delivering premium and differentiated content for the young and young at heart on any screen, anytime, anywhere via an enhanced viewing ecosystem.

Paramount is unrivalled in this market. We are the only Australian media company that has a guaranteed pipeline of global and local content, with distribution across all mediums free-to-air, BVOD, SVOD, and AVOD with FAST.

By continuing to scale our new streaming services at pace and maintaining our proven offerings, we are the media company with the greatest growth potential.

A mountain of entertainment – and a mountain of advertising opportunities.

We’re creating the future of media by seeing beyond what’s now, to see what’s next. Expanding its value, impact and emotion for our partners and deepening connections with our audiences.

While our entertainment brands – with their individual identities – are at the heart and soul of how we connect with consumers and audiences, there are times that we need to show up as a whole.

And when we do, it should be with the same presence and power as the iconic brands that are in our portfolio.

We’re here for the breaking news, the drama, the laughter, the reality. From the iconic to the new. Stream now, later or watch live. Capturing every angle. And we do it with heart.

Partner with us to mark moments and unleash the power of content.

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