The Only Way Is Up For 10 Play.

The Only Way Is Up For 10 Play.

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August Delivers 10 Play’s Biggest Month Ever!

Hot on the heels of July’s record month, 10 Play once again reached new heights in August with its biggest monthly reach ever recorded in the VOZ dataset. 

10 Play reached 2.52 million people, up 38% on August 2022, and 1.08 million people were exclusive to the platform, only watching content on 10 Play.

But when you combine our audiences on 10 Play and broadcast TV, 10 reached an incredible 15.5 million people in August.

Audiences are diving into 10 Play’s diverse and entertaining content pool to watch all their favourite shows live and on demand.

August clocked up 579 million minutes viewed, up 30% on 2022, with live stream making up 35% of total viewing.

Users also grew by 130,000 in August seeing the total number of registered users on 10 Play crack 7 million, up 19% on the same month 2022.

We’ve something for every one of those 7 million users on 10 Play, from the thrill of the chase with Hunted and hilarious antics behind the blue door in Thank God You’re Here, to making sure you’ve got your finger on the pulse with Have You Been Paying Attention?

Thank God You’re Here notched up a BVOD audience of 153,000 and it was 10 Play’s #1 show for sign-ups throughout the month plus the #1 series for active users. Yes, actively guffawing at the laughs they were loving on this smash hit comedy.  And they were laughing right from the get-go with the first episode taking the title of #1 on demand episode for August.

And we can confidently say that audiences are paying attention, in fact this is the fourth consecutive month of growth for Have You Been Paying Attention?, with on demand minutes up 23% on July as well as an attentive 89,000 BVOD viewers.

We can’t wait to see what September will bring but we’ve got a feeling it’s going to be FAST with the start of 51 FAST channels on Live TV With Pluto TV on 10 Play.

Make sure to look at our fan-favourite FAST channels that are available for free across every genre and taste including cult classics and global smash hit TV series to entertain nostalgic devotees and lure new fans.

Take a look at Live TV With Pluto TV today.

Source: Adobe Analytics, OzTAM National VPM, Virtual Australia 5.0, Monthly reach (August), 2am-2am, When Watched​


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