Sumeet’s InTALIAN Simmer Sauce Heats Up Coles Shelves.

Sumeet’s InTALIAN Simmer Sauce Heats Up Coles Shelves.

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Sumeet Saigal Wins MasterChef Australia Immunity Challenge With A Spicy Fusion Of Indian And Italian Flavours.

MasterChef Australia contestant Sumeet Saigal has introduced her InTALIAN Simmer Sauce, a unique blend of Indian and Italian flavours, now available at Coles. Saigal’s innovative sauce impressed the MasterChef judges and celebrity chef Curtis Stone, winning her the coveted immunity challenge and securing her spot in the top 10. The Immunity Challenge required contestants to create a fusion sauce, and Sumeet’s creation, featuring InTALIAN meatballs and naan with oregano chilli butter, stood out for its bold and harmonious flavours.

This collaboration with Paramount Brand Studio marks the second year of bringing a MasterChef contestant’s products to Coles shelves. Available for a limited time, Sumeet’s InTALIAN Simmer Sauce celebrates the fusion of two iconic cuisines, offering customers a taste of culinary creativity nationwide.

Sumeet said: “Indian and Italian foods share the same values of warmth and generosity, and I am so pleased that I get to bring the same to the everyday table with my InTALIAN Simmer Sauce. It has the aromatic spices of Indian food and also the warm herbs of Italian cooking. A perfect blend of two worlds that promises to be versatile and bring bursts of flavour to your family meals.

“To have my sauce available on the shelves of Coles is an absolute dream come true. I am so grateful to MasterChef, Network 10 and Coles for this life-changing opportunity. Winning this challenge is a great personal victory but also a celebration of the support and encouragement I have received from my family and friends. It’s a moment I will cherish forever!”

Tamar Hovagimian, Head of Partnerships – Paramount Brand Studio at Paramount Australia, said: “Building on the success of last year’s Coles BarbeRue Sauce, we’re thrilled to offer another MasterChef contestant this incredible opportunity, especially someone as deserving as Sumeet. MasterChef Australia and Coles set the standard for seamless brand integration, and this collaboration is a prime example. It’s not just about getting a product on shelves; it’s about empowering contestants to turn their culinary passion into a thriving career. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance that embodies the spirit of what the MasterChef and Coles partnership represents.”

Carmel Horvath, Head of Sponsorships and Events at Coles, said: “MasterChef Australia has been inspiring our customers to create delicious food since 2009. We’re excited to offer our customers a brand-new product from a MasterChef challenge, available at Coles stores nationally the very next day.”

Marty Benson, Director of Content, Melbourne at Endemol Shine Australia, said: “We wholeheartedly welcomed the opportunity to work with Coles on this collaboration for a second year running. To have such a tangible, real-world application for our contestants’ talents is not only life-changing for them, but exciting for the MasterChef Australia brand, and for our audience to sample the flavours of the MasterChef kitchen directly. We are thrilled to see Sumeet bringing her food dream to life.”

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