Plenty Of Comm-Ocean At This Year’s Rottnest Channel Swim.

Plenty Of Comm-Ocean At This Year’s Rottnest Channel Swim.

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One of Australia’s iconic community sporting events and the largest open water swim event in the world, the South32 Rottnest Channel Swim was this year, the race that literally stopped a nation.

The 19.7km open-water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island (Wadjemup) was up against high-risk weather conditions which unfortunately saw the race cancelled halfway. Chants of “Are you squidding me? They’re beached as!” could be heard from qualifiers and quokkas all along the west coast.

It’s no easy task to prepare, organise and attempt to swim 19.7 km from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island and thousands of swimmers did exactly that, including Network 10’s celebrity team – Bondi Rescue lifeguards Harrison Reid, Ryan Clark, Quinn Darragh and Neighbours actor Matt Wilson.

As a very proud sponsor of the event, Network 10’ swim teams, staff and clients enjoyed an afternoon together with a picturesque view from The Mezz, while those on the island got to visit the 10 marquee to win a Simmo’s ice cream and pick up lots of other goodies.

Paul Townsend, General Manager and Sales Director Perth, said: “A truly awesome event that was unfortunately impacted by tricky weather conditions this year. The work that went into the event was huge and as always, implemented seamlessly. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure everything within our control was delivered and over delivered. Our talent and staff swim teams did a brilliant job swimming and tackling the rough conditions and a massive thank you to those on land and at the station for coming together and doing a fantastic job.”

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