Oh Zookeeper, The Animals Have Arrived… Meet The Cast Of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2024!

Oh Zookeeper, The Animals Have Arrived… Meet The Cast Of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2024!

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Is the jungle sparkling? Because we just filled it with stars.

The wait is officially over, our 11 celebrities have finally been revealed and have quite literally been dropped into the middle of the African jungle.

After getting several complaints from past tenants, we made the camp as nice as possible, full of all the lush amenities they’re accustomed to like bunk, ground, and fire. Yes, we went all-out this year to make it a five-star experience.

And speaking of stars, these 11 famous faces will have to face their fears and push themselves as far out of their comfort zones as possible as they try to earn stars each night to feed their campmates. Will they be rewarded, or will they be the first to cry out those eight magic words: I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Arriving at Damned Central Station first was former child-star Frankie Muniz who immediately had to face one of his biggest fears: being the first to arrive at a party. After a young start in showbiz, Frankie got his big break in the iconic sitcom Malcolm In The Middle, as the titular Malcolm. He went on to star in a handful of films and was the drummer for the band Kingsfoil until he put the entertainment biz on the backburner and pursued his passion as an open-wheel racing driver.

Next to arrive was Candice Warner, the former Champion Ironwoman and one-half of one of Australia’s sporting power couples, Candice published her memoir Running Strong last year and, in 2020, she took on SAS Australia: Who Dares Wins. And now she’ll be daring to tackle everything the jungle has in store.

Joining the gang next was self-described I’m A Celebrity superfan Ellie Cole, an absolute inspiration and Australia’s most decorated female Paralympic athlete. After losing her leg to cancer when she was 3 years old, Ellie won a record-breaking 17 Paralympic medals throughout her swimming career. Always up for a challenge, Ellie said she’d likely be the most excited out of all the celebrities, and we can’t wait to test that!

Stephen K Amos was next to arrive, the award-winning stand-up comedian and star of the stage and screen, Stephen has entertained the globe with his stand-up for years. On his way to meet his fellow celebs, Stephen admitted to being afraid of things like heights, creepy crawlies, feral cats, and even horror films… thankfully the jungle doesn’t have a DVD player, so he can cross at least one of those off the list.

Pulling into the station next was Skye Wheatley, who after appearing on Big Brother in 2014 went on to become what she called a “social media influenza”.

Tristan MacManus was the last of our first group to arrive, the TV and stage host, dancer and choreographer, and former Studio 10 host, Tristan came prepared with a toddler’s appetite, hoping that this year all the eating challenges would consist of dry pasta and toast.

With host Robert Irwin choo-choo-choosing to make quite the entrance on the jungle express, our hosts offered this group of celebs an express ride into camp… if they were able to find star pieces hidden in some creature-infested boxes, which would free Candice from a trick door in the ticket booth.

As screams echoed throughout the jungle, our second group of celebs were really falling for each other… or, falling off a cliff for each other at least.

Michelle Bridges was the first to arrive and see a huge platform suspended 1.9km over the jungle. Best known as one of the iconic trainers from The Biggest Loser, Michelle may be used to weigh-ins but was immediately looking for a way out of this challenge.

She was joined by Callum Hole, and while Michelle couldn’t understand a word the poor man was saying, she at least recognised a fellow gym bunny. Heartthrob Callum first won hearts when he appeared on the fourth season of Love Island Australia and later took his rig global for the Love Island Games.

Peter Daicos was next, who innocently thought the massive platform could just be a naturally occurring part of the mountain. AFL Legend Peter, otherwise known as the “Magician” and the “Macedonian Mavel”, had an outstanding 549-goal, 15-year career which earned him a place in the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

Next to arrive was Khanh Ong who hoped the jungle gods wouldn’t throw him off a cliff on the very first day… so they did. First winning hearts in MasterChef Australia Season 10 and returning for MasterChef Australia: Back To Win, King Khanh took the bold and unexpected leap to tackle another reality favourite, competing alongside his sister in Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

Last but certainly not least, Brittany Hockley arrived, and admitted that she’s quite the camper, so she’ll be right at home in her new jungle digs! The queen of the radio airwaves launched the brilliant and award-winning Life Uncut podcast with co-host Laura Byrne. With the success of the pod, Brittany has managed to launch a media empire, now an author, presenter and current co-host of the KIISFM radio show, The Pick Up.

With the celebs’ dinner locked up in a chest at camp, these five had to drop through a trap door off the side of a cliff and one-by-one read out a number which would be broadcast back to camp.

Clearly, we’re not making things easy for our celebrities this year and thank goodness for that. And, if they hadn’t been through enough already, Khanh and Candice were the lucky pair to be chosen for our very next tucker trial tomorrow night!

Could one of these 11 brave celebrities be the next King or Queen of the jungle? Or will Robert and Julia break them in the first week to a chorus of them singing out: I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

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