AdSelector Supercharged The Super Mario Bros. Movie Campaign.

AdSelector Supercharged The Super Mario Bros. Movie Campaign.

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Premium Advertising Solution AdSelector, Supercharged The Super Mario Bros. Movie Campaign Paving The Way For Three New Interactive Ad Products For Paramount ANZ.

AdSelector, powered by Innovid, one of Paramount Australia & New Zealand’s (ANZ) premium advertising solutions, changed the game for Universal Pictures International (UPI) and their marketing campaign for The Super Mario Bros. Movie in April.

As the launch partner for AdSelector, UPI harnessed the ad product’s immersive and interactive capability to put the power in the viewer’s hands to choose their own content experience using their TV remote control.

UPI also recognised the opportunity to provide a gamified ad experience that echoed the game of Super Mario. AdSelector encouraged viewers to ‘choose their player’ by presenting a series of character trailers for Mario, Peach and Bowser. Once selected, the viewer was immersed into the world of their chosen character and engaged with content promoting the movie release date as well as a call to action to view in cinemas.

The campaign delivered an engagement rate 225% higher than global benchmarks* and delivered over 46,000 in-video engagements, demonstrating that viewers wanted to interact and be immersed in all three character trailers.

Di Ho, Digital Sales Director, Paramount ANZ said: “Universal Pictures International were such an incredible client to partner with on the launch of AdSelector because they understood the power of interactivity and giving viewers the choice to engage.

“The results show how powerful it is when users are given meaningful content choices and brands can respond with immersive experiences.”

Suzanne Stretton-Brown from UPI said: “We enjoyed a very positive experience working with Paramount ANZ and are delighted Universal’s release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie was the inaugural campaign for AdSelector.

“AdSelector allowed us to give audiences a fun and interactive ad experience that allowed them to be immersed into the world of The Super Mario Bros. Movie but entirely on their terms and through the lens of their favourite characters. This naturally led to engagement and is a tactical approach we will continue to employ for our upcoming films.”

Building on the success of AdSelector, Paramount ANZ is now expanding its suite of premium advertising solutions with three new interactive CTV ad experiences.

  • Canvas Gallery: Accompanies a TVC with an interactive scrollable gallery highlighting multiple products.
  • Interactive Overlay: Adds a compelling call to action to an existing brand TVC via a click-to-reveal interactive function.
  • Expander: Surfaces a range of brand content and immerses viewers through an interactive full- screen ad experience.

Zoe Kostos, Head of Commercial Innovation, Paramount ANZ said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch these new ad products that reflect our commitment to amplifying the power of interactivity on the big screen.

“Each product offers a unique experience, allowing our advertisers to engage audiences in new and meaningful ways.

“Through creative flexibility and personalised engagement, we’re taking advertising beyond a completed view and transforming it into an immersive journey that resonates with viewers.”

There has been significant market uptake in these interactive ad experiences with advertisers leaning into the opportunity for greater creative flexibility, audience interaction and advanced reporting to deliver meaningful outcomes.

*Source: Innovid Global Benchmarks Report 2022

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