MasterChef Australia and Bulla

MasterChef Australia and Bulla

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Show: MasterChef Australia (2019)

Client: Bulla

During the last season of MasterChef Australia (2019), 10 and Bulla partnered to create an integrated campaign that showcased Bulla as the show’s cream of choice. Bulla set us the challenge of driving sales by raising awareness of their brand messaging and demonstrating the versatility of Bulla creams in a wide range of cooking.

The campaign consisted of in-show integration, broadcast and digital sponsorship, as well as off-screen activation.

Our partnership delivered product integration in a range of challenges to showcase Bulla cream’s versatility among different types of cooking and baking. Integrated billboards and TV commercials reinforced the association and a 10 Play sponsorship engaged viewers online. IP took the partnership beyond the MasterChef Australia kitchen and into stores with on-pack branding to reinforce the “MasterChef Seal of Approval” tagline.

What did all this achieve? A massive 63% integration recall among committed MasterChef Australia viewers, with 29% of those viewers choosing to use Bulla, versus 8% of non-viewers and Bulla’s unit sales increased 23% in the weeks after sponsorship… a pretty tasty result overall.