Turn it up with 10

Turn it up with 10

Turn it up with 10.

Turn it up with smarter targeting through premium data partnerships.

Network 10 is continuing to roll out its data strategy at pace and today announced key data partnerships with Quantium, Eyeota and Greater Data. These partnerships extend 10’s targeting capabilities across more industries, interests, behaviours and demographics focused firmly on purchase behaviour and intent, life stage triggers and in-market signals.

Turn it up with dynamic advertising.

Buy10 is back to simplify ad planning and trading across 10’s playground of assets including 10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, 10 Play, 10 Daily and 10 Speaks.

From today, 10 is unlocking dynamic advertising capabilities through its Buy10 platform, allowing advertisers to effectively target their ads across 10’s ecosystem, at scale. Buy10 enables precision targeting, inventory optimisation and automated tracking, delivering advertisers more cost-effective campaigns.

Turn it up with a transformational advertising experience on apps.

Network 10 today announced an Australian-first partnership with You.i TV which will revolutionise the advertising and user experience for 10’s broadcast video on-demand platform (BVOD) app, 10 Play.

You.i TV is a leader in premium software development tools for addressing cross-platform app development. The partnership will standardise the 10 Play app user experience across its video streaming platforms including Telstra TV, connected TVs, streaming media devices, game consoles and mobile and tablet apps. It will also unlock powerful, new ad formats on the app, beyond pre and mid-roll ads. Advertisers will have a choice of formats that can be passive, interactive or non-intrusive.


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