One Of 2021’s Finest Dramas Is Here.

One Of 2021’s Finest Dramas Is Here.

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American Rust, Starring Jeff Daniels And Maura Tierney, Streaming Now On Paramount+.

A compelling family drama and timeless story about good people making bad choices, American Rust is the gritty and engrossing drama series based on Philipp Meyer’s lauded novel of the same name.

Streaming exclusively on Paramount+, the unflinching new series stars Emmy® winner Jeff Daniels (who also serves as an Executive Producer) as Del Harris, the complicated and compromised chief of police of a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town, who is forced to decide how far he’s willing to go when the son of the woman he loves (Emmy nominee Maura Tierney) is accused of murder.

Take a harrowing journey to a small town with big secrets, where people are driven by loyalty, love and desperation – and bad choices come far too easy, in American Rust.

American Rust joins a host of the world’s best dramas currently streaming on Paramount+ including Five BedroomsWhy Women KillLeonardo, Nancy Drew and Anne Boleyn, with Dexter: New Blood, Yellowjackets and Coyote.

You can stream 20,000 hours of unique stories, iconic stars, live sport and a mountain of entertainment on Paramount+ for $8.99 per month for a monthly subscription or $89.99 for an annual subscription.

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