Network 10 goes dynamic

Network 10 goes dynamic

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Opens up dynamic trading opportunities for advertisers through Buy10.

Buy10 is back to simplify ad planning and trading across 10’s playground of assets including 10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, 10 Play, 10 Daily and 10 Speaks.

From today, 10 is unlocking dynamic advertising capabilities through its Buy10 platform, allowing advertisers to effectively target their ads across 10’s ecosystem, at scale. Buy10 enables precision targeting, inventory optimisation and automated tracking, delivering advertisers more cost-effective campaigns.

In 2020, 10 will launch Buy10 YOU, a self-serve buying platform for small to medium sized enterprises to reach 10’s younger, more engaged audience. 10 will also launch real-time commercial availability on-demand in 2020, a market-first, to remove the friction of manual ad planning while providing greater transparency for advertisers.

Network 10’s chief sales officer Rod Prosser said: “Buying across 10 just became refreshingly simple. With Buy10, advertisers will have complete end to end trading automation for their campaigns and total inventory optimisation – think about it as delivering 101 per cent of the audience you need.

“Our difference is our younger, more engaged audience, and we are making it easier to access this valuable target market effectively.

“10 has a rich history in innovation and in doing things differently. We were the first network to launch reality television, the pioneer in cooking formats and the first to introduce new advertising assets into the market from ‘Seriously Short Breaks’ to ‘Playouts’ to ‘Integrated Billboards’.

“When we launched Buy10 in the early noughties, we were first to market with a self-serve platform for media buyers which enabled them to view live commercial and programming information. Almost a decade later, we’re pumped to be rebooting the brand and platform, bigger and better than ever.”

The launch of Buy10 and 10’s dynamic advertising capabilities come less than a year after 10 brought its Sales team back in-house.

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