Meet Lauren. She Is Not Looking For Love!

Meet Lauren. She Is Not Looking For Love!

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Spreadsheet. Streaming Exclusively on Paramount+ From Wednesday, 20 October.

Spreadsheet is an eight-part comedy series that revolves around Lauren. Her life’s a little chaotic. Oh, and she’s having lots of casual sex.

Lauren’s already functioning at full capacity with a successful career as a lawyer, two wilfully disobedient but hilarious children and a slightly inept ex-husband. So how is she supposed to manage a slew of emotionally needy men as well? With a spreadsheet, that’s how.

Starring Katherine Parkinson, Rowan Witt, Robbie Magasiva, Stephen Curry, Katrina Milosevic, Ryan Shelton and Kerry Armstrong, Spreadsheet is the new Paramount+ Australian original comedy series, about sex in the suburbs.

Spreadsheet is a Northern Pictures production for Paramount+. Major production investment from Screen Australia. Financed with support from Film Victoria with ITV Studios managing international sales.

A Northern Pictures Production streaming exclusively on Paramount+ from 20 October.

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