Have You Met Cam?

As we celebrate WorldPride 2023 this week, we reached out to the heart and soul of the marketing team and PROUD ERG member, Cam Crisp.

Side note, did you know Cam is a highly talented actor, dancer and model?

If you could be part of one show on the Paramount network (Network 10, 10 Play, Paramount+, MTV, Nickelodeon), what would it be and why?

Honestly, I would love to be on either Ex On The Beach or any of the Shores! There’s just so much drama and always a hottie or two…

Share the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you.

Take your pick from the below:

  • “Have you ever tried not overthinking?” – My therapist.
  • “The universe wouldn’t throw you challenges if it didn’t think you would grow from it.”  – Believe it or not, some drunk lady told me this when I was on a train to Sydney when I was 12, and it’s stuck with me since.

Do you have a unique hobby or hidden talent?

Acting. It was a bit random, after I finished my dance training, I went into a bit of modelling and acting. I was in one of my friend’s music videos and I think being able to help him reach his goal was quite exciting. Same deal with modelling, getting to turn someone’s vision into something real makes me feel incredible.

Do you have a mentor, or someone who inspires your career?

Someone who has always inspired my career would have to be my mum. She’s always been one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. She’s always taught me to put in the work and you’ll see the results but also to know when you’re just being used and to pull yourself away when it’s not what you want/need in life.

Where would we find you on the weekends?

Trying to find an excuse to stay home and be anti-social.

Why did you want to be part of the PROUD ERG?

PROUD is about making the changes that people want to see in the business on a Pride perspective. I want to help be part of that change.

I want to help create that safe space everyone deserves. Especially in the workplace. This is where you spend a lot of your life and put a lot of your efforts into, so it’s somewhere you should feel unjudged and proud to be whoever you are.

What changes or initiatives would you like to see PROUD implement within Paramount?

I would like us to start being more active within the community and within Paramount. As a marketer, I can see a lot of opportunities that we can take to spread awareness, whether that’s in-house or out in the community. We need to be part of that change for everyone.

What does WorldPride mean to you and how will you be celebrating?

WorldPride means everyone celebrating their own stories and how far we have come in the world and within the local community.

WorldPride is an opportunity for everyone to come together and be proud of who we are and what we represent, the freedom to express yourself openly without judgement, and to continue being part of the change.

This is the first time WorldPride has made its way to Sydney, and for us to be able to openly celebrate it is so special to the community.

I will be celebrating by going to the Mardi Gras Parade and the Bondi Beach Party, and spending time with all my friends.

Make sure to come say hi if you’re around!